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(League Fixtures in combination with Earls Colne C C - Earls Colne & Bures C C)

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Date L = League

F = Friendly

Venue Opponents Start Time Result Link to Match Report?
  22 April 2006    
Home 23 April 2006 L Bures Danbury 1.00pm

Match Cancelled (Rain)

  30 April 2006 L Away High Easter 1.00pm Lost


History 06 May 2006 F Bures Gestingthorpe 2.30pm Match Cancelled (Rain)  
Officials 07 May 2006 L Earls Colne Abberton 2.00pm Match Cancelled (Rain)  
  13 May 2006 F Away Castle Hedingham 2.30pm Lost  
Links 14 May 2006 L Away West Mersea 2.00pm Lost Y
  20 May 2006 F Bures Twinstead 2.30pm Match Cancelled  
Match Reports 21 May 2006 L Bures Chappel 2.00pm Match Cancelled (Rain)  
  27 May 2006 F Bures Bures United Football Club 2.30pm Won  
Join Us! 28 May 2006 L Earls Colne Eight Ash Green 2.00pm Won Y
  03 June 2006 F Away Holkham 2.30pm Lost


Tea Ladies 04 June 2006 PDQ Cup Away Clacton Ramblers 2.00pm Lost  
  10 June 2006 F Away Leavenheath 2.30pm Match Cancelled  
Tour Reports 11 June 2006 L Away Kirby 2.00pm Won Y
  17 June 2006 F Bures Old Grumblers (Spivs 'n' Chavs) 2.30pm Won  
News 18 June 2006 L Away Cavaliers 2.00pm Won Y
  24 June 2006 F Home Essex vs. Suffolk 6.30am Suffolk won  
Guestbook 25 June 2006 L Away Lexden 2.00pm Lost  
  02 July 2006 F Away Olicanian Striders 2.00pm Lost  
  08 July 2006 F Bures Clarion 2.30pm Lost  
  09 July 2006 L Away Chappel 2.00pm Lost  
  15 July 2006            
  16 July 2006 L Away Abberton 2.00pm Won Y
  22 July 2006 F Away Wickham St. Paul 2.30pm Lost  
  23 July 2006 L Bures West Mersea 2.00pm Won  
  25 July 2006 F Bures Olicanian Striders 2.00pm Lost  
  05 August 2006 F Away Gestingthorpe 2.30pm Drawn  
  06 August 2006 F (Earls Colne & Bures) Away Wickham Bishops 2.00pm Won  
  13  August 2006 L Earls Colne Kirby 2.00pm Match Cancelled - Rain  
  19 August 2006 F Bures Colchester Garrison 2.30pm

Fixture cancelled at short notice by Garrison

  20 August 2006 L Bures Cavaliers 1.00pm Lost Y
  26 August 2006 F Bures Wickham St. Paul 2.30pm Match Cancelled  
  27 August 2006 L Earls Colne High Easter 1.00pm Won  
  02 September 2006 F Away Twinstead 2.00pm Match Drawn  
  03 September 2006 F Bures Holkham Hall 2.00pm Lost  
  09 September 2006            
  10 September 2006 L Bures Lexden 1.00pm Won  
  16 September 2006 F Bures Castle Hedingham 1.30pm Match Drawn Y
  17 September 2006 F Bures Long Melford 1.30pm Won Y
  23 September 2006 F Bures Leavenheath 1.30pm Match Cancelled  
  24 September 2006 L Away Eight Ash Green 1.00pm Won Y


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