2003 Tour Match Report - Bures Vs Olicanians

(Played at Ilkley) 15/06/03

Yet another impossibly sunny day dawned as some very tired Bures limbs made their way to breakfast and contemplated their final match of the 2003 tour at Ilkley. To be played on the pacey Olicanians pitch, this was to be the toughest test yet. But with spirits high and buoyed by successive victories, hopes were high of a third victory. David Warden, in the captain's chair, completed a trio of weekend failures with the coin by losing the toss and without a moment's hesitation the Olicanian skipper consigned Bures to a third consecutive hot 40 overs in the sun. Damn! 
After 10 overs, honours were even. The competent Olicanian openers withstood a firey opening burst from Marc Norton and James Lee and even when a wicket fell to McKenna, Olicanians looked to be building an intimidating score. At 122 for 2 off 22 overs Bures were on the rack, Mr. Slow having been dealt with particularly savagely. But with the departure of the opposition No. 4, Ilkley capitulated to an unforeseen 180 all out off 36 overs with Mr. Slow belatedly finding his line, Chambers C. bowling on the spot and each bowler enjoying 4 scalps. Mr. Slow in particular was delighted to renew his association with Mr. Stodge and to have him adjudged LBW by umpire Simpkin. Slow and Stodge have something of a mutual appreciation pact these days, ever since the latter described the former as a "leg spinner" which was of course music to Ms's ears. Stodge, in fact, was lucky to have been playing in this game, having been scheduled to appear in the finals of the West Yorkshire Watching Paint Dry competition. Although he and paint have been close rivals in past years, with results going both ways, recent polymer improvements and reduced drying times have left Stodge in the ascendancy and he has been released to attempt emulation of his hero Geoffrey Boycott, at least in the defensive department. "I'm never out LBW" he chuntered, on his way back to the pavilion, LBW.

Bures bowling figures........

Bowler Overs Runs Wickets
M. Norton 8 18 1
J. Lee 5 26 0
P. McKenna 4 24 1
M. Slow 10.5 54 4
C. Chambers 8 37 4

After another suitably plentiful tea, the Bures opening partnership of Lee and Cropper B. limped along at barely a run an over and both were back in the pavilion after 10 overs. Fortunately, after a shaky start and another change of bat, Chambers L. got going and joined by Captain Warden, the total passed three figures without further loss. The two batsmen retired to make way for Chambers C. and Ayers C. who hit the ball to all parts, necessitating a bowling change. I suspect that Mr. Stodge, for all his abilities in many departments, is not often thrown the ball by his captain. Suffice to say that his efforts on this occasion made Sammy look like a strike bowler and the Bures batters feasted on it. The Olicanian's total was passed in the 33rd over, Chambers L 50 not out, Warden D. 50 not out, Chambers C. not out 18 & Ayers C. not out 34.

A fantastic end to a fantastic tour. We were delighted to find hidden fridges in the Olicanian clubhouse, FULL of cans of beer! And 1p per pint cheaper than the pubs! What more could one want? Evening became night and spirits were high and there was talk of whatever could compare with a tour like this one? Perfect, just perfect!

Man of the Match - David Warden

Bures Vs Ilkley Olicanians 15/06/03. Lewis Chambers faces while David Warden backs up.

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