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Match Report - Bures & D C C vs. Sudbury 4s 28/07/2018

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After about an 8-week spell of hot and dry weather Saturday greeted us with a fair amount of rain early on, after storms the night before and very strong winds. Fortunately Bures had invested in a cover for the wicket this year and it did its job very well. However, when it came to removing the cover it proved quite a task and in winds of at least 30mph Gordon, Paul and Cracey struggled to not take off themselves and land at the visitors ground in Sudbury! Luckily they did not, and as planned the Sudbury 4th XI came to Bures, and on winning the toss Bures decided to bat. For the first time this season nearly everyone contributed, with Ralph Godbold once again top scoring with 59. David and Cracey both scored 40 and Rupert provided a cultured thrash at the end with 34. Bures ended with 287 off their 35 overs which always looked to be way beyond the capabilities of the Sudbury team. As it turned out they had two decent openers but once Patrick and Freddie Morrissey had seen the back of them, only their captain put up any resistance at all and he top scored with 21. Excellent bowling yet again from veteran McKenna and his young counterpart Morrissey, and between them they took the first 5 wickets. It remained a formality for the other bowlers, including George Erith, to
pick up the other wickets. Notably Paul Howell bowled a fine spell and took his second wicket of the season. Sudbury were all out for 78 allowing Bures an early and victorious retirement to the Bells. Two consecutive victories for the mighty Bures and long may it last!





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