Bures C.C. v Gestingthorpe C.C.


Gestingthorpe C.C. won by 39 runs


A glorious Sunday afternoon welcomed Bures to the village of Gestingthorpe, for our first away match of the season. Most of the side met in the Pheasant and enjoyed a few drinks in the sun before heading down the road to the ground.

The toss was duly lost by the Bures captain (as always), and Gestingthorpe decided to bat, which was quite well received by Bures as the feeling amongst the team was that the soft wicket would dry out and become easier to bat on as the match goes on. More on that later….

Adam Kerr and the Chairman opened the bowling, keeping it tight and preventing the batsman from scoring quickly. Both taking a wicket and Adam being involved in running out their captain, after 10 overs Gestingthorpe were 32/3. No fewer than 9 bowlers were available, which kept the captain busy rotating keeping the batsman guessing. The batsman were starting to get into their flow after a slow start, with the next two passing 50, Robbie making the breakthrough with a caught and bowled to take the 4th wicket. Tim then produced a magnificent spell of 6 overs, 4 wickets for 12 runs – giving the ball plenty of flight and landing it in the right areas causing the batsman all sort of problems off the unpredictable wicket, a touch unlucky not to collect his 5th. After 35 overs, Gestingthorpe ended on 159/8 – two batsman reaching 50 but the next highest score being 14, it was clear that if you could spend some time at the crease and get in…scoring would become a bit easier.

After a lovely tea provided and some drinks, Paul & Adam R went out to begin our chase. Unfortunately the Bures batsman found it extremely difficult on the slow wicket (which hadn’t dried out by the way!), the first 4 batsman all being bowled and none of the opening 6 batsman scoring more than 7, we were in a spot of bother at 23-6. This bought the Chairman and Matt to the crease, who batted brilliantly with the Chairman scoring a brilliant 50, only being caught by an excellent retreating catch and Matt scoring 16, the pair putting on 65. Unfortunately, as is often the case one wicket brings two…or in our case three leaving Adam stranded on 16 not out.

Not our day, and after two defeats from two so far this season, all eyes on Chappel at home next up for that first win to kick start the season.


Date Time Season
May 19, 2024 1:30 pm 2024


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Gestingthorpe C.C.159835Win
Bures Cricket Club1201030.4Loss

Gestingthorpe C.C.

Batting   R 4s 6s
C. Moulton 200
C. Kent 5700
C. Pluck 300
N. Johns 6400
P. Meadows 1400
C. Elsey 100
H. Elsey 500
T. Meadows 000
M. Londsborough 000
J. Kent 300
R. Scillitar 000
Total 15900

Did not bat: R. Scillitar

Bowling O M R W
M. Londsborough51143
P. Meadows4173
R. Scillitar50330
H. Pilgrim30190
C. Moulton3080
T. Meadows70142
C. Pluck20170
C. Kent1.4061

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
Paul Nichols 710
Adam Ritchie 000
Robbie Pownall 510
Luke Terry 200
Eddie Erith 200
Mark Brewer 100
Chris Crace 5060
Matt Shields 1600
Tim Boud 810
Adam Kerr 1620
Total 120110
Bowling O M R W
Adam Kerr51251
Chris Crace5171
Matt Shields40220
Mark Brewer30190
Robbie Pownall40171
Luke Terry31180
Tim Boud60124
Adam Ritchie20170
Eddie Erith30200