Bures C.C. v Thames Otters C.C.


Thames Otters Cricket Club won by 2 wickets


BURES CC v The Thames Otters (Home)
23 July 2022

A beautiful Saturday summer morning greeted this touring side. Due to Greater Anglia strikes and the need for many of the Otters to return to London, we agreed to start the match at 11.30am which meant forgoing the much-anticipated BBQ.

Mark, who debuted as Bures CC’s captain, won the toss and elected to bat. He had no intention of playing safely and put his strongest batting line up first. Will Melrose and David Atkinson got off to a good start, with Will falling to a questionable coll. This was followed by two quick wickets (Crace and Jervois). It looked, once Narni was bowled, after a swashbuckling 17, that Bures would succumb for less that 100 in less than 20 overs. However, a spirited revival led by Tozer and a mature innings from Magic steadied the ship. The Howells batted together for a while with Paul helping himself to a quick and much-needed 29 runs. Assisted by 34 extras, Bures was bowled for 194 runs – much better than had been hoped for 20 overs earlier.

So with a sense of relief, Bures ripped into the Otters; Narni claiming his first of three wickets with the first ball – unplayable, by all account. Bures continued to make good progress, holding the Otters back from running away with the score, despite the bone-dry rapid outfield. Chris C. picked up two wickets, Rupert 1 and Brewer 2 with Magic bowling a consistent spell and unlucky not to have taken a wicket.

With 31 overs completed, one wicket to go (only 10 players) and 186 runs on the board, Ralph was asked to bowl his final over. A dot ball followed by a four and the excitement was palpable. Another dot ball and then a beautiful full-length out-swinger which was driven towards mid-on, only for it get the slightest nick. Well caught by Will behind the stumps and with all players and much of the crowd rising in unison, Bures thought it had won. However, the only two that did not hear the nick were the first-time umpire and the batsman. Village cricket as it is, it was agreed that the batsman remain at the crease as he had not felt the edge. Two balls later the winning boundary was scored. The Chairman went for a swim in the river.

Special mention to Toby Howell, who was exemplary in the outfield, one of Bures’ sponsors who was on hand to watch the closing overs of the market and to Flea and Rupert Tozer for a delicious tea.

Despite the loss, we all retreated to the Eight Bells, and for those Otters that were able to stay, sharing stories of the day. We look forward to The Thames Otters returning next year, agreeing that we would have a BBQ and spend more time post-match in the pub.



Date Time League Season
July 23, 2022 1:30 pm 2022 Season 2022


Vicarage Meadow
Bures St. Mary, Babergh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Bures Cricket Club1921028.5Loss
Thames Otters Cricket Club194832Win

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
Will Melrose 3580
David Atkinson 1940
Matt Jervois 000
Chris Crace 000
Narns Morse 1740
Rupert Tozer 2441
Ralph Godbold 3260
Toby Howell 200
Paul Howell 2960
Edward Morse 000
Mark Brewer 000
Bowling O M R W
Narns Morse60233
Chris Crace70572
David Atkinson40200
Ralph Godbold70340
Rupert Tozer60381
Mark Brewer20222

Thames Otters Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
F. Streeter 2140
H. Butt 000
N. Gleave 1120
S. Bullus 200
C. Clifton 3050
H. Napier 4880
N. Roblin 610
E. Whittley 1611
G. Howland-Jackson 4252
R. Howland-Jackson 000
Phil M 000

Did not bat: Phil M

Bowling O M R W
G. Howland-Jackson50383
R. Howland-Jackson30260
E. Whittley52153
N. Gleave63281
H. Napier61282
C. Clifton3.51201