Bures CC v Leavenheath – 22/08/2020

A strong team was put out against our old rivals Leavenheath, bolstered by the fact that the
Chairman had put his back out while making the strenuous effort of getting out of a chair, thereby
allowing further youth to be included.

Captain Charlie E won the toss and elected to bat, and the 3 stooges then went to work (Eriths
Charlie and James with George running for James). They were soon scoring freely and seemingly
untroubled. However, James had not catered for George’s inattention, or his (lack of) speed, and a
once harmonious family was now in tatters. James run out, and no Christmas present for George this
year! So Jack C took over, and we were treated to some lovely batting from this pair, until inevitably
over-confidence took over, and Charlie (44) was well caught off a ball which probably should have
gone for 6, and Jack (42) perished to a strangle down the leg side. But there was no let up for
Leavenheath, as first Stu P plundered yet another half century (54), and Rupert T continued from
where he had left off at Twinstead. Debutant Charlie C took a while to remember what a bat was for
but once in, he hit some lusty blows for his 27. A slight slowing at the end meant that the mighty
Bures fell a little short of the 250 they had hoped for, despite other debutant Max Woods desperately
striving for an extra run, but was also run out without facing a ball (a platinum duck?!).

Tea was taken with Bures feeling fairly confident, but Leavenheath have a strong batting side, and
they too felt the target of 240 set was well within their grasp. However, no one was expecting what
came next. Within 5 overs the contest was all but over, with George E bowling a devastating
opening spell of fast yorkers, clean bowling both openers, and catching the no.4 on the toe for a
plum l.b.w. After that, although with plenty of 4’s being scored, Adam K and Max W kept things
pretty tight, with Max taking 3 wickets on his debut and Adam taking one.

The only other thing of significance was a remarkable over by Charlie C, whose first 6 balls were all
wides. Yet another first for Bures, and possibly a unique achievement for the club (causing the
scorer to turn to yet one more beer).

Aside from that the innings was soon wrapped up, and victory by over 100 runs was assured. A great
result, and one which was suitably celebrated in the 8 Bells with some beers for the lads.