Cricket has been played at Bures for over 150 years, with the earliest record of a match being in 1845, between Bures and Great Bentley. Apparently, the Bentley batsmen batted all day and promptly retired for “refreshment”, without offering the Bures batsmen the opportunity of getting to the crease. The match was being played for a barrel of beer and the stakes were therefore high! The Bures batsmen were offered (perhaps half in jest) an innings in one hundred years time, to complete the match. However, play was not in fact resumed until 22nd June 1957, whereupon Bures were able to complete victory by 2 wickets! I wonder if the beer was still drinkable?

Club archives suggest that Bures has always had a healthy fixture list. This fixture card below from 1960 shows, for example, that teams come from far and wide to play cricket here