Bures C.C. v Chappel & Wakes Colne C.C.


Bures Cricket Club won by 225 runs


Bures v CWCCC 

4 JUNE 2023

The Stu P Show.

On Sunday on a blazing summers day (finally) Bures-Ball cricket (our name for our fast, exciting style of cricket clearly stolen by the  Stokes/McCullum axis) returned to the recreation ground with Bures’s first home challenge of the season against an under-par Chapel and Wakes Colne side.

With the toss won, Stu Peters and Benji Wheeler opened up, Stu immediately dispatching the openers into the nettles and racing into the forties while Benji was playing himself in, teasing single figures. They combined for a commanding 143 first wicket partnership. Benji finally fell after an accomplished 43, Stu finished with a classy, magnificent and chanceless 103 retired.

As of CWCCC hadn’t already had enough, Olly Tozer marched out purposefully to the crease and walloped a swashbuckling 53, generously retiring himself as the par score headed towards an excess of 350.

Tom, 1, and Rupert MR ,12, were dismissed without troubling the scorers too much,

Richard, 15, played and missed a bit, before Luke soon got into his flow with some fine hitting ending with 50*. Luke was joined by Dale who exhibited a cameo to end the carnage, unbeaten on 42. The final score a huge 334.

Charlie E and Will Fisher took the new ball and after their tight 12 overs for 28 (CE 0-11, WF 2-17) they effectively put the game out of reach of CWCCC.

As the opposition curiously tucked in for a wannabe draw (in an overs game, right?) the question was – how do we get them out?

Rupert Melville-Ross 0-7 on his return to the Mighty B after 30 years, showed he still had the class to duff anyone up not paying attention. Dale turned the ball past the bat, and Richard’s pace popped up a couple of simple catches. Benji bowled with incredible skill to deviate the ball massively to claim two bowled wickets and Luke’s steady line and length bagged him a couple of LBW’s. We were nearly there.

Had Charlie snaffled a slip chance earlier on, the ball landing about as easily into his midriff as possible, proceedings might have taken a quicker turn. Instead, we were treated to the Bures, “Oh My Village Days” moment of comedic cricketing brilliance.

Stu, intent on copying Charlie, and obviously exhausted after his earlier heroics, somehow managed to not catch a simple slip chance. What I mean is that the ball lobbed straight past him, waist-height, and even though he made a curious attempt at a dive, Stu somehow failed even to put a paw to it. Realising he’d made an almighty dogs-arse, Stu proceeded to roll about like a footballer, only to be struck directly on the body by the returning ball Luke had hurled in from the boundary.

Play was briefly suspended while Bures players, en masse, held their sides.

Wearing a couple of bruises, Stu dusted himself off for the final over and it took him just two balls to finish them off for 109, a winning margin of 224.

A wonderful day for Bures and for centurion Stu P, congratulations!

A nearly faultless performance all-round. Teas were completely gobbled up, the pitch behaved well, and the outfield was as good as we’ve seen it for ages. Thanks to Luke for winning the toss, while the skipper was waiting for the sausage rolls to come out of the oven, and to Charlie for scoring and remembering to ‘rope’ the pitch.

Onwards for the mighty B!


Date Time League Season
June 4, 2023 1:30 pm 2023 Season 2023


Vicarage Meadow
Bures St. Mary, Babergh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Bures Cricket Club334435Win
Chappel & Wakes Colne Cricket Club109934.2Loss

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
Benji Wheeler 4350
Stu Peters 103162
Olly Tozer 5173
Tom Wasteney 100
Rupert Melville-Ross 1211
Luke Terry 5072
Richard Kember 1520
Dale Beckley 4260
Will Fisher 000
Charlie Erith 000
James Erith 000
Total 334448

Chappel & Wakes Colne Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
S. Jenkins 700
C. Brown 900
J. Hadcock 400
Dhanush 4100
R. Hunt 1200
C. Pervival 000
J. Jenkins 400
D. Jones 200
Z. Dale 500
R. Attwood 000
Total 10900
Bowling O M R W
C. Brown60500
Z. Dale60460
R. Hunt50372
J. Jenkins30190
R. Attwood30191
D. Jones30340
C. Pervival30390