Bures C.C. v Great Bentley C.C. (Ashes)


Bures Cricket Club won by 43 runs


THE ASHES – 175 th Anniversary
BURES CC v Great Bentley CC (home)

So, the red-letter day of the season arrived with much anticipation all round. This being the 175 th anniversary (delayed by 2 years due to Covid) of the first recorded match between these two sides. Fortunately, the weather recognised the need for a good day, and we were treated (for the most part) to beautiful sunny conditions.

The day began with a fantastic barbecue, cooked superbly by Paul H. As ever, we had catered for far more people than actually came (sadly no VP’s) so the rest of us set about the task of demolishing a mountain of food and lake of booze with great enthusiasm. (Particular mention should go to B.Morton who was regularly spotted with at least a bun in each hand!) Sadly, the meal had to end, and then it was down to the real business.

The toss, brilliantly won by non-playing Captain Carl, meant that Bures elected to bat, and we were treated to a remarkable display of power hitting by Monty M, scoring 50 in 6 overs, and together with Guy A they put on 96 for the first wicket. Guy fell first for 17 and then Monty for an outstanding 78, and both removed by the aforementioned B.Morton (clearly not affected by eating most of a sheep!) Matt J then restored things to a slightly more sedate level, scoring a well crafted 15, but then David H (hitting his first 3 balls for 4) and Jack C hit the accelerator, and Bures were back on target for a big score. Once David was out for a fine 31, there was a minor hiccup when first Paul G (“50 or 0”) went for the latter option, and then Magic Ralph (temporarily the “magic One”) was bowled by Barker, who collected his 3 rd wicket. However, all was not lost, and Charlie E, who has yet to score less than 40, but has not yet reached 50, joined Jack at the crease. They then put on a fantastic and highly entertaining 100 stand with Charlie finally out on 45 and Jack carrying his bat for 91. Great Bentley stuck to the task manfully throughout and took some fine catches, but in the end, Bures posted a formidable target of 313 for 7 in their 35 overs.

Tea was then taken, which once again provided further heaps of wonderful food, and a special mention must go to Jaiya and Nikki for the delicious cakes. Hence a team of Mr Blobbies then had to go out and field.

The Colonel and Magic Ralph were given the new ball, and Bures were rewarded with a wicket in the first over from an unplayable ball from the Colonel. However, any complacency that may have been crossing the minds of the Bures fielders was soon erased, when first M.Giles and then the outstanding B.Morton and G.Wainer took the fight to Bures, seemingly hitting 6’s and 4’s at will.
Magic Ralph bowled beautifully again, putting the brakes on with a couple of wickets (2 for 6), but the following 4 bowlers were all hammered around the ground. So, it was left to Jack C (3 for 16) and Monty M to wrestle back some control. At the halfway stage Great Bentley were ahead of where Bures had been, and it took an exceptional ball from Jack, (clearly hitting a well placed dandelion) to remove B.Morton. Whilst there was still plenty of fight left, in particular M.Wright (40), Great Bentley gradually fell further and further behind the asking rate, so much so that the Chairman felt he had the luxury of bowling a couple of David H’s loopy (not quite sure how to describe them) overs, while Paul H finished things off the other end. Great Bentley finished with a more than creditable 270, and a mention should go to L.Wainer, who batted beautifully towards the end of the innings making 15 n.o.

So, Bures retained the Ashes for another year, but it could so easily have gone the other way. Therefore, it was with some relief (for Bures) and plenty of smiles that both sides retired to “The Shoes”, where beers a plenty were consumed, and the return fixture next year eagerly awaited.

Many thanks to Alex and his Great Bentley team for helping to make it such a good day all round.


Date Time League Season
July 27, 2022 11:04 am 2022 Season 2022


Vicarage Meadow
Bures St. Mary, Babergh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Bures Cricket Club313735Win
Great Bentley Cricket Club270835Loss

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
Monty Morgan 78140
Guy Alexander 1720
Matt Jervois 1510
David Holme 3160
Jack Crace 91152
Paul Goodman 000
Ralph Godbold 600
Charlie Erith 4533
Chris Crace 100
Giles Harris 000
Paul Howell 000
Total 313415

Did not bat: Giles Harris, Paul Howell

Bowling O M R W
Giles Harris60271
Ralph Godbold50162
Guy Alexander20260
Paul Goodman30410
Matt Jervois30400
Chris Crace40320
Jack Crace40163
Monty Morgan30140
David Holme30292
Paul Howell20220

Great Bentley Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
D. Barker 400
J. Black 300
M. Giles 2200
B. Morton 8200
G. Wainer 4900
S. Busby 1300
M. Wright 4000
L. Brandon 400
L. Wainer 1500
Eithy 1500
Total 27000
Bowling O M R W
M. Wright40390
L. Wainer30330
B. Morton50422
G. Wainer60321
S. Busby40161
D. Barker40182
J. Black20130
L. Brandon60551