Bures C.C. v Old Olicanians


Old Olicanians Cricket Club won by 1 wickets


BURES CC v Old Olicanians

The annual visit from the Yorkshire contingent was awaited with the usual anticipation, and as ever they arrived with a very strong team.

Bures had had to draw on talent from 2 other clubs (West Bergholt and Twinstead), and we were most grateful to them, bringing both skill and general bonhomie, which everyone now associates with our club. For once Bures won the toss and elected to bat on an ever drier and (in places) crumbling wicket. However, I should mention that the pitch played remarkably well even though the team preparing the wickets are fighting a losing battle due to a complete lack of rainfall for the best part of the season.

Old Oli’s opened with a fast bowler, Helwig who (as their scorer pointed out), was not to be confused with the owl! We were also reliably informed that he could bowl in the mid 80’s, and from the boundary, I for one, was very glad not to be experiencing it. Nevertheless, Ryan (D) and Dave (W) got us off to a pretty good start, striking a number of boundaries early on. Ryan’s innings was short but sweet (10 runs) but Dave carried on for a fine 46. There were contributions right the way through, with Joe (S) making a fantastic 51, Captain Luke a swift 21, and another excellent innings from the Colonel of 45. All the Olicanians’ bowlers bowled extremely tidily, but it wasn’t until De Preez (2 for 3 and still opening for their first team) that things were wrapped up, perhaps 10-20 runs short of what we needed.

A fabulous tea was then provided by Mrs C, with barely a crumb left to be seen, and so with full stomachs we returned to the middle to do battle once more. The Olicanians started their reply at a brisk pace, aided somewhat by some short pitched bowling and tucked into by an ever aggressive Australian. However, Giles G persisted and got him to play one shot too many and he was well caught in the deep. The Colonel and Paul (S) both bowled tidily with the Colonel picking up another wicket but, with a lightening fast outfield, runs were being accumulated all too quickly. Once again Joe (S) to the rescue, who proceeded to bowl an excellent spell, taking a 5for. Unfortunately, the bowling from the other end was not so accurate and some of the lower order tucked into the Chairman’s generous half volleys, one huge shot very nearly crossing the county border (the river) into Essex, but luckily not quite achieving this feat. The Chairman finally got his revenge with a good catch by the Colonel, but sadly too little too late, and the Old Oli’s just got home by one wicket.

A slight misunderstanding as to which pub we were drinking in resulted in Bures going to The Shoes, whilst the Old Oli’s went to The Bells. Needless to say this was soon rectified, and a happy evening was spent by all at The Bells, with plenty of beers sunk, stories told and a promise that next year the “mighty” Bures will triumph.


Date Time League Season
July 26, 2022 1:30 pm 2022 Season 2022


Vicarage Meadow
Bures St. Mary, Babergh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Bures Cricket Club2181033.1Loss
Old Olicanians Cricket Club219929Win

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
Ryan Deal 1020
Dave Whyte 4690
Giles Godbold 610
Sheldon Dyer 1430
Joe Smith 5190
Luke Terry 2150
Edward Morse 000
Giles Harris 4581
Chris Crace 920
Paul Staker 500
Sam Atkinson 100
Total 218391
Bowling O M R W
Giles Harris40231
Giles Godbold40351
Paul Staker30280
Sam Atkinson61621
Joe Smith61295
Luke Terry20260
Chris Crace30291
Dave Whyte1010

Old Olicanians Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
J. Ramage 1400
Pearson 2800
Du Preez 400
D. Oldham 6000
C. Robinson 2800
G. Phillips 000
K. Helwig 5700
B. Hughes 100
R. Morley 2000
T. Smallwood 100
Hudson 000
Total 21900

Did not bat: Hudson

Bowling O M R W
K. Helwig50271
D. Oldham50361
G. Phillips40292
T. Smallwood60482
B. Hughes4180
R. Morley30350
J. Ramage10120
C. Robinson20181
Du Preez2.1023