Bures C.C. v West Bergholt C.C.


West Bergholt won by 30 runs


BURES CC v West Bergholt CC

The final match of the season was against West Bergholt and, despite being well into September, the weather was kind to us, ending on a warm, sunny day. Toss yet again lost by the Chairman and West Bergholt decided to bat.

They began slowly with Benji (W) and Mr Slow opening up. Benji, despite not being at his best, took an early wicket, and Mr Slow backed him up with some typical accurate, some might say mesmeric, bowling of yore, and he was rewarded with a wicket. For some time, West Bergholt failed to break the shackles, rarely rising above a scoring rate of 4 an over. Adam (K) bowled tidily, as ever, without any luck, and so it was left to Tom (W) to make the next break through with a fine ball ripping through the batsman’s defences.

The Chairman then reverted to two of the Bures stalwarts, Jay (E) and Rupert (T) who bowled very economically, with Rupert picking up 2 wickets. However, the next two batsmen batted sensibly and despite hitting many boundaries, seemed to score 2 off nearly every ball. They manged to push the final total up to 160 off their 30 overs, a score which we could easily overhaul.

Sadly, once again, the Bures batting fell apart and we found we were 13 for 5 after only 8 overs. Fortunately, Rupert and Adam were able to save our blushes, both scoring 41, but we continued to
fall further and further behind the required rate. Needing 40 off the last 3 overs the Chairman was able to hit one lusty 6, but we still fell short by 30 runs.

A disappointing end to a somewhat disappointing (and sad) season.

The mighty Bures will, of course, rise again, and next year it will be a different story.


Date Time League Season
September 17, 2022 1:30 am 2022 Season 2022


Vicarage Meadow
Bures St. Mary, Babergh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
West Bergholt160530Win
Bures Cricket Club1301029.5Loss

West Bergholt

Batting   R 4s 6s
T. Banks 5400
R. Ananraj 100
T. Longman 200
O. Wood 100
E. Ball 2900
J. Smith 2300
J. Gould 2300
M. Conybeare 000
S. Kamatham 000
O. Jones 000
Total 16000

Did not bat: M. Conybeare, S. Kamatham, O. Jones

Bowling O M R W
M. Conybeare5411
B. Longman5295
O. Jones51141
S. Kamatham51181
J. Smith30220
O. Wood50321
J. Gould20171

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
James Erith 510
Nick Morgan 200
Martin Jones 000
Edward Morse 000
Matt Fairbairn 100
Rupert Tozer 4170
Rob Witt 820
Adam Kerr 4152
Chris Crace 901
Benji Wheeler 100
Tom Wasteney 000
Total 130153
Bowling O M R W
Benji Wheeler40131
Colin Bocking51221
Adam Kerr50260
Tom Wasteney20210
James Erith40180
Rupert Tozer60262
Chris Crace40340