Bures Cricket Club v Wickham St. Paul C.C.


Wickham St Paul won by 6 wickets


Summer is declared open. We started the season with a home game against old rivals Wickham St Paul. If ever there was a day for playing cricket, this was it. The sun shone, the clouds wafted, and the ground looked as lovely as it can ever have done. Given all the rain we’ve had, helmets off to the groundsmen for preparing such a good wicket. Particular mention this year to the outfield which is as lush and true as I can remember. A half-volley drilled along the floor to mid-off is no longer a life-or-death experience.

It was also great to see some new faces, on and off the pitch. Everyone who came along made a contribution, intuitively got into the Bures spirit and were excellent company. 

The captains agreed a game of 25 overs each way, and Bures were inserted. We made steady progress to a final total of 135, of which 68 was contributed by opener Charlie Erith, ably assisted along the way by tidy knocks from Carl, the Brewster and new recruit Paul Nichol. We could have done with 15-20 more, but not a bad effort given it was the first game of the season and the outfield was slow. 

We also had to cope with their crafty and well-executed lob strategy. Two of their bowlers tossed the cherry substantially above the eye line, batting against which requires a disciplined technique. Unfortunately, the mental fortitude to resist trying to belt every ball into Essex was largely found lacking in our troops, and several trudged off humiliated by a ball barely travelling at 10mph or so by the time it found a way past their monumental heave.

Following one of the finer match teas (hat tip Catherine and Mark) we took to the field. Captain Carl took the new ball, and, bowling off a shortened run, produced a tidy spell with two early wickets. At the other end, new girl Emma Ritchie demonstrated enormous promise with her left arm pace. Her Dad, Adam, snared his first for the club, aided by a tidy catch by Mark Brewer. The outfielding was excellent, with Chris Pluck outstanding, and when it came to drinks the general sense was that the match was well-poised, with Wickham on 60-3.

Unfortunately, however, we were unable to shift their two best players until later on in the innings. A combination of Luke Terry, Charlie E, Matt Shields and Chris Pluck produced a blend of spin and swing, but the Wickham tyros expertly put away bad balls and overhauled our total in the second last over. Just one more wicket had been lost, courtesy of a smart catch behind the stumps by Paul, who kept extremely tidily for someone who hadn’t donned the gloves since 2005.

The match finished by 5pm, having started at 12:30. This new format seemed popular with everyone, since it takes less time out of the day. It allows responsible people to get home at a sensible hour. Everyone else, which appears to be most of the team, can get to the pub a bit earlier, an opportunity which was grabbed with enthusiasm. 

A wonderful day, despite the defeat. More of those and it will be a terrific season.


Date Time League Season
May 5, 2024 12:30 pm 2024 season 2024


Vicarage Meadow
Bures St. Mary, Babergh, Suffolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Bures Cricket Club135825Loss
Wickham St Paul139423.5Win

Bures Cricket Club

Batting   R 4s 6s
Charlie Erith 6844
Adam Ritchie 100
Carl Wright 1920
Luke Terry 610
Elliot Ellerbeck 400
Paul Nichols 1000
Mark Brewer 1310
Matt Shields 400
Chris P 000
Emma Ritchie 000
Total 13584
Bowling O M R W
Carl Wright51152
Emma Ritchie4.51310
Luke Terry31190
Charlie Erith40151
Adam Ritchie20161
Matt Shields30220
Chris P20150

Wickham St Paul

Batting   R 4s 6s
D. Minter 1610
C. Daniels 000
R. Holman 000
G. Pritchard 75141
W. Moss 3712
A. Macdairmid 000
H. Elsey 000
E. Jones 000
S. Cowden 000
J. Fazakerly 000
Total 139163

Did not bat: H. Elsey, E. Jones, S. Cowden, J. Fazakerly

Bowling O M R W
A. Macdairmid50131
G. Pritchard40180
E. Jones50303
H. Elsey40300
W. Moss40191
J. Fazakerly30242